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Woodcut Wall Art - 8x10 Hot Air Balloon
Woodcut Wall Art - 8x10 Hot Air Balloon
Simple & Sylvan

Woodcut Wall Art - 8x10 Hot Air Balloon

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Hot air balloon rustic wall art and decor.

Mountain silhouette wall art that reflects the vibrant color of the nature. Each panel is laser cut and stained and then held together with rivetslayers of wood set in relief.

This piece is of a hot air balloon hanging over the mountains and mountains behind.

About Simple & Sylvan:

While contemplating a career change, Jess Moore accepted a position to work at a Girl Scout camp the summer of 2015. Camp was 880 acres at an elevation of 8300 feet. She woke up to bright blue skies, ponderosa pines and mountains interrupting the horizon line. The colors were amazing. The sun would set, and the mountains turned into layers of aubergine with an orange-pink sky. Dusk would come and the stars would come out, spanning a sapphire colored sky.

This was the tipping point, to push her to simplify, and be one who dwells amongst the trees and mountains: sylvan. Jess has forgone a brick and mortar home for a travel trailer. She has been traveling to art shows throughout the Rocky Mountain region and making art in campgrounds.