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About Us

Notown Goods Front Door

Notown Goods is named after a late 1700s settlement in what is now part of the Leominster State Forest. Faced with land that was inhospitable to farming and unable to incorporate themselves with any of the surrounding towns, the town disbanded in 1830. It is here in the woods that Notown Goods has made its home. We feature unique artisan goods made locally and throughout the United States, all in search of a home of their own.

At Notown Goods every piece has a story to tell and an American maker behind it. We source the majority of our products from New England and New York, but offer unique pieces from all over the country. By supporting locally made, handmade goods, every purchase makes an impact on the life and work of an American maker.

Notown Goods is the home of the Loomination® weaving studio. Founded in 2013 by Notown Goods owner Leanne Boudreau, Loomination® is a full service weaving studio focusing on tabletop and home décor textiles. 

Leanne and Kim

After more than 5 years weaving full time and working with gift shops, specialty stores, and museum shops, Leanne (right) was inspired to open a shop of her own with the mission of supporting American craft and small business. Learn more about her and her studio here.

Also staffing the shop is Kim Tremblay (left), Leanne's mom, who is a recently retired Nurse Practitioner, grandmother, and quilter.