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Grapefruit & Rosemary Cocktail Mix
Grapefruit & Rosemary Cocktail Mix
Wood Stove Kitchen

Grapefruit & Rosemary Cocktail Mix

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Made with a healthy amount of rosemary so that lovely flavor comes through and helps to perfectly complement the grapefruit.

Made in Mont Vernon, NH.

About Wood Stove Kitchen:
After living on more than four continents with humanitarian aid agencies, our founders decided to bring distinctive spices and flavors from around the world to all-natural cocktail mixes. The results are delicious and sophisticated-but-fun. We use high-quality, all-natural ingredients to make concentrated drink mixes that will go a long distance for your customers. Unlike most drink mixes which make only two or three cocktails, our bottles make on average 10 to 12 cocktails or hot toddies - leaving your customers satisfied and thirsty for more.