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Chaga Mushroom Bar Soap
Chaga Mushroom Bar Soap
Chaga Mushroom Bar Soap
Rough Cut Soap

Chaga Mushroom Bar Soap

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Chaga is a very high melanin content which will help enhance the health of your skin, keeping it healthy, hydrated and supple. It can help protect both the skin and hair from sun damage, aging spots, eczema and psoriasis. This powerful mushroom compound has been used for decades.

Ingredients: Saponified Oils of Coconut, Olive, Avocado, Castor, Jojoba and Shea Butter. Coconut Milk, Chaga Mushroom Powder, Charcoal and Cocoa. Cedarwood, Black Spruce & Black Pepper Essential Oils. Topped with Devils Claw, Nut Shells, Black Walnut Hulls, Wild Pepper.

Made in Carlton, OR.

About the artist:
From a very early age Tanya Braukman realized that she was a creative soul. She is a naturalist, artist and someone who lives the simple life. Drawn to the outdoors, exploring, foraging and using her hands to create. Throughout her adult life she’s dabbled in paint, clay, photography, sewing, scrapbooking, mosaic and woodworking. In 2014 with a strong passion to expand her knowledge and the need for a new creative outlet she decided to venture into soap making.

Practicing the traditional cold process technique was the perfect way to incorporate everything she loves and believes in. She was instantly hooked. She now gets the opportunity to create new recipes, and experiment with natural ingredients all while letting her artistic abilities be shown. Over the past few years she’s thrived on the importance of living a natural and chemical free life, and making handmade soap is a way to share her passion and introduce others to skincare products that are cleansing, beneficial and beautiful without the chemicals and synthetic ingredients!